SCA Step Workbook

SCA Step Workbook Available for Download

SCA has produced and approved this workbook to help members use the Twelve Suggested Steps of SCA to support their recovery from sexual compulsion. Each Step contains three parts: SCA’s approved commentary on the Step, further reflections on that step, and a series of self-examination questions. There is a blank fillable page at the end of each Step for additional writing.

There are also 3 blank fillable pages after the end of Step Twelve that can be used for additional notes.  These blank pages are followed by worksheets for Steps Four, Six, Eight, and Eleven.

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Download SCA Step Workbook by clicking here

Technical Note: The worksheets are in a horizontal format, while the texts and questions are in a vertical format. You might wish to zoom in on your screen to read the texts better, then zoom out to fill out any of the worksheets.