WhatsApp Group 24/7

How to join The Saint Louis Group on WhatsApp


The 24/7 SCA WhatsApp meeting is part of the “Speaker Meeting of the St.
Louis Group”. You can download WhatsApp on your cell phone.
SCA Speakers will be sharing their experience, and strength, using SCA

Use this link to join The St. Louis Group or invite others to this group:
WhatsApp Group Link

This is an audio-only meeting. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. New speakers
will be posted. The shares are 10-15 minutes on a topic from SCA literature
or other conference-approved literature from other fellowships. Feel
invited to record an up to 3 minutes share of your experience, strength, and
hope on the posted topics by recording in WhatsApp. Once you’re in the app,
you will see a microphone on the lower right corner of the screen.

Please leave a message on our information line at 1-800-977-HEAL (4325), if you
have any questions or would like to go over the process of recording a