Our Stories and the Traditions

Our Stories and the Traditions

The summer 1999 issue of our newsletter, the SCAnner, was devoted to the 12 Traditions. The editor at the time, David A.-S., explained:

Many of us don’t know much about the Traditions or else just take them for granted. The Traditions are the backbone of our fellowship and continue to steer us safely through difficult times, guarding us against the unscrupulous as much as the overzealous. We all need to be aware of our rights and obligations, and the Traditions serve us as a bit of both. If you have ever done any service, you will no doubt have come into contact with the Traditions. They are a great set of ideas to ensure the survival of our fellowship.

As with all articles published in the SCAnner, these do not represent SCA Conference Approved Literature. Instead, they are the opinions of the individuals who wrote them. Take what you like and leave the rest.

Tradition 1: All About Us – Bill E (Washington DC)

Tradition 2: Anyone Can Be an Authority and of Service Too – Jim U (NY)

Tradition 3: A Sense of Belonging, Joe F (NY)

Tradition 4: All Four One – Phillip (NY)

Tradition 5: Recovery Is Not a Picnic – David A-S (NY)

Tradition 6: United Yet Separate – Peter C (LA)

Tradition 7: Shared Responsibility – David W (NY)

Tradition 8: No-one Paid Me to Write This – Eric H (NJ)

Tradition 9: Reationships Based on Service Not Control – John F (NY)

Tradition 10: Oprah, Sally, Recovery, and Me – Jeff Z (NY)

Tradition 11: Not That Kind of Attraction – John S (NY)

Tradition 12: The Whole is Greater Than the Parts – Karen (NY)