Literature Store


Literature Store

Literature is our “portable program,” giving us a means of keeping ourselves in touch with our recovery any time we need it. SCA has developed a number of pieces of its own literature. SCA members also find that using literature from other 12-step fellowships, particularly that of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Family Groups, has been very helpful. There are also a number of books on the nature of sexual compulsion and addiction and on recovery from sexual compulsion that are available commercially; while SCA does not endorse outside enterprises, many SCA members have found literature of this nature to be helpful.

Please note that anyone may order SCA literature, you do not need to be a member.

SCA is a non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers. Please expect 2-4 weeks to receive materials. Orders placed by postal mail may be further delayed. Please read our Shipping Policy before placing your first order.

Many of our publications are also available in electronic form at the Amazon Kindle Store and the Google Play Store.

Looking for the Step/Tradition Commentaries?

Purchase SCA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions from one of these vendors – Apple iBooks,  Amazon KindleGoogle Play

Looking for only the Little Blue Book (one or more copies) in paperback format, you may do so here, or if you so choose, order it directly from

Update on changes in our Literature Store —
We no longer offer copies of ‘The Little Blue Book’ for sale.  All the texts and chapters from that book have been extensively revised and can be found in ‘SCA: A Program of Recovery-3rd Edition-Revised and Expanded’.

Similarly, we have removed the original editions of Secret Shame, Avoiding Common Pitfalls, and Moving through Withdrawal from our literature store.  The texts from these pamphlets have also been revised and included in the new Recovery Book (3rd Edition).  However, we plan to print those revised chapters in separate booklet forms and restore them to our list of titles.

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