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Literature is our "portable program," giving us a means of keeping ourselves in touch with our recovery any time we need it.  SCA has developed a number of pieces of its own literature.  SCA members also find that using literature from other 12-step fellowships, particularly that of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon Family Groups, has been very helpful.  There are also a number of books on the nature of sexual compulsion and addiction and on recovery from sexual compulsion that are available commercially; while SCA does not endorse outside enterprises, many SCA members have found literature of this nature to be helpful.

Please note that anyone may order SCA literature, you do not need to be a member.

To order SCA literature, follow this link to order online

If you prefer to order by mail, you can get the form directly or downloaded in PDF format.

Many of our publications are also available in electronic form at the Amazon Kindle Store and the Google Play Store. SCA does not endorse or lend its name to these stores; they are simply retailers who stock our electronic products.

Here is a list of literature available from SCA:

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous: A Program of Recovery. "The Little Blue Book" describes the program of SCA. It is written by members and includes the 12 Steps/12 Traditions adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous, 14 Characteristics we have in common, The Tools that Help us Get Better and chapters on Sobriety / Recovery Plans, Sponsorship, Service, what happens at Meetings, how to avoid slips, masturbation, shame and a brief history of the program followed by some useful prayers and meeting formats.

Moving Through Withdrawal. We often think of withdrawal only in terms of substances. This piece of literature speaks directly about the experiences of withdrawal for sexual compulsives.

El Librito Azul: El Programa de SCA. The official Spanish version of the First Edition of "The Little Blue Book of SCA".

Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road of Recovery. A description of some of the common diversions that can cause us to veer off the path of recovery. We have grouped them based on our collective experience of when they are most likely to be found, but you may run into any of them at any time in recovery. We also offer suggested courses of action to take when you encounter them.

How to Start an SCA Meeting:  Describes how to start an SCA meeting (this appears as a chapter in the Little Blue Book but is still available as a pamphlet).

Q&A: A Guide for Newcomers to Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Secret Shame: Sexual Compulsion in the Lives of Gay Men and Lesbians (this appears as a chapter in the Little Blue Book but is still available as a pamphlet)

For the Newcomer : a brief description of the program in a four fold leaflet format.

"Four Fold": A compact leaflet reference including our Statement of Purpose, Twelve Suggested Steps, the Characteristics, and more in a leaflet format.

"Four Fold" in Spanish:  A translation of the English-language Four Fold, available in the same printed format as the English version.

The Tool of Writing: Describes how writing, in various forms, can benefit an individual in working a program of recovery from sexual compulsion.

Starter Kit: This kit is designed specifically to help you  start a meeting in your area and includes 5 Blue Books, 10 newcomer, 10 four folds, 10 Q&A, 10 Sexual Recovery Plan Guides, an International Meeting List and an excerpt of the "How to Start an SCA meeting" chapter of the Blue Book.

Public Service Radio Announcement Kit:  A CD with a recorded 30 and 60 second radio public service announcement giving out our national "hotline" telephone number. 

International Meeting List: Includes contacts in cities without meetings (it is only available online).

The SCAnner: Our international newsletter is in blog format and is available online.  You can also visit the archive of the printed SCAnner newsletters.

The Best of The SCAnner: Highlights from four consecutive issues of The SCAnner, Winter 1998 through Summer 2000, 88 pages, on these four themes:

Resources: Chips

The giving of chips is a tool that some meetings use to allow members to mark their progress in recovery, such as length of time attending meetings or continuous abstinence from sexually compulsive behavior. Some offer a simple "surrender chip" to acknowledge willingness to stick with the program one day at a time.   SCA ISO does not have its own chips to distribute to the fellowship.   However, meetings from different cities have used chips from other fellowships or have contacted vendors who have produced chips for them.  You can find information about how to incorporate chips into a meeting and a list of places as possible resources to obtain chips to use at SCA meetings.  SCA does not officially endorse any of these businesses.  This list is simply to give you a starting point for locating chips for your meetings.

Donate to SCA

To donate to the SCA International Service Organization, which maintains this website, develops and distributes SCA Conference Approved Literature, and is responsible for carrying the SCA message worldwide to the sexual compulsive who still suffers, please visit our donation page at We accept donations only from members of SCA.