Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Orders

The International Service Organization of SCA offers a 40% discount off the retail price to registered SCA groups and intergroups, as well as to retail bookstores.

The discount is not available to individuals, families, friends, or helping professionals. The discount does not apply to shipping charges. To receive the discount, you must order through this page. When you reach the Checkout page, be sure to enter the wholesale discount code you received when you registered.

Update on changes in our Literature Store —
We no longer offer copies of ‘The Little Blue Book’ for sale.  All the texts and chapters from that book have been extensively revised and can be found in ‘SCA: A Program of Recovery-3rd Edition-Revised and Expanded’.

Similarly, we have removed the original editions of Secret Shame, Avoiding Common Pitfalls, and Moving through Withdrawal from our literature store.  The texts from these pamphlets have also been revised and included in the new Recovery Book (3rd Edition).  However, we plan to print those revised chapters in separate booklet forms and restore them to our list of titles.

To get further information about the discount, write to the ISO Fiduciary Committee through the Contact Us page.

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