Online Recovery from Scotland — A Godsend

Online Recovery from Scotland — A Godsend

by Graham (Scotland)

That’s the best and easiest way for me to describe finding recovery online.

First, to discover that there were people like me and that I was not alone; to discover that my behavior had an underlying cause and that there was a way out! Having been an addict for most of my adult life, it was a revelation to have someone put a name to what was wrong with me, and even better, “they” seemed to know my symptoms.

I stumbled across a website for Sex and Love Addicts, and the addict in me browsed the link to see what it was all about. The range and quality of the information available seemed to legitimize things, and hey “Welcome to Recovery”!

After perusing the pages and reading about the principles, I found a link to an online meeting. In there I “met” people with whom, for the first time, I could relate. Initially I was nervous about “sharing” my story and experiences with people who I didn’t know or couldn’t see. However, after a few days I took the plunge. Sharing was an unburdening experience and very quickly I “spilled my guts”. I felt so much better that I was now admitting the full extent of my illness.

Since then my recovery has been up and down, BUT I’m still hanging in there and working on getting better one day at a time.